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Data-driven companies are 58% more likely to beat revenue goals.
Source: Forrester Consulting
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What we do

Integrate Data

We build databases and implement Extract Transform Load (ETL) processes to ensure that you have the right data, in the right place, and at the right time.

Tools That Help Us Integrate Data

PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache Airflow

Analyse Data

We build systems that help analyse and visualise data as well as implement decision-making processes that combine the capabilities of both humans and algorithms.

Tools That Help Us Analyse Data

Metabase, Tableau, PowerBI,  Dash, Plotly, Sklearn, Pytorch, PyCaret, HuggingFace, Python

Utilise Data

We guide you in the process of using data to achieve your business goals: an increase in sales, reduction in costs or improvement in customer service

Tools That Help Us Utilise Data

Cognitive Biase Codex

our impact

Himalayan Java

With Xabit’s help, the largest coffee chain in Nepal has developed and implemented KPI dashboards and recommendation systems, leading to decisions that have made their mobile application the second largest point of sale for the company in only 1.5 years of operations.

Relay Club

Xabit helped Singaporean influencer management SaaS startup Relay integrate sales, marketing and influencer outreach data and built a custom KPI “control center”

Quasar Energy Consultants

Using open data, Xabit worked with Quasar to build a Solar KPI dashboard that helped the renewable energy consultancy generate better leads. 


Xabit developed the databases for an up and coming Farming startup that aims to be the largest centralised repository of farming related data in Nepal. 




After spending almost a decade working in Investment Management and Software Engineering in the United States and Europe, two lifelong friends came back to Nepal in 2020 with a personal mission: to show the world that Nepali talent can provide services globally. 


Xabit’s mission is even more ambitious our founders’ personal mission: to help our partners connect the dots between data and decisions and we’re trying to achive that mission from our offices in Kathmandu and New York.


Anup Satyal

Anup is our data-lead and resident polyglot. Speak to him in Spanish, English, French, Hindi or Nepali and he will respond. Any other languages, and, well he will still respond but in one of the languages above.

Bikranta Malla

Bikranta is our infrastructure-lead and in-house life-long learner. You won’t believe the amount of books he has read or the classes on Entrepreneurship he has taken or the painstaking research he does.