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Case Study: Retail

A case study on how we helped our partners uncover previously hidden insights in their data, the obstacles we faced along the way and the results of the analytic process.


Return on Investment (ROI) on a single marketing campaign
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Growth in monthly gross sales from a mobile app in less than a year since launch
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3-month customer retention rate on a mobile app, well above global industry averages
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Unlocking hidden insights part 1

Unlock Hidden Insights

When we first met our partners in 2021, the company was unaware of the drivers that were shaping their business as they remained hidden within their transactional data. We knew we could offer them something more. By taking a deep dive into the transaction data from just one of their 30+ outlets, we were able to uncover a wealth of information that was previously hidden from view.

Measure Key Performance Indicators

Our partners have 40+ outlets all over Nepal. However, they cannot be considered as one entity, but rather 40+ individual businesses that need to be analyzed separately. This is where having Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and deep data analytics comes in handy. KPI’s help to isolate the performance of each store and identify areas of improvement that are often hidden in plain sight. 



Turn Data Into Decisions

Having followed KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) from offline (brick-and-mortar) stores for a few months, our customers realised that their existing loyalty program needed an upgrade to better serve a changed customer dynamic. Within a few weeks, we were able to come up with suggestions and within months, our partners rolled out a new loyalty program as a part of their mobile application.