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Embracing a Zero ETL Future with Open Arms

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) is the process data engineers use to combine data from different sources. In a much simpler, non-technical term, ETL is like taking ingredients (data) from different places, cooking (transforming) them in a special way, and putting them together (loading) to make a delicious meal (analytical insights). With the emergence of near-real-time analytics and the concept of a zero-ETL future, the data world is undergoing a significant transformation. 

Data Science

Grandma’s Guide to Data Preparation (The missing pancetta)

I usually speak to my Grandma on Thursdays. True to tradition, we did so this past week. As soon as she picked up the phone, she first asked me if I had eaten and only then if I was doing well. Ah Grandmas! I told her about the recent heatwave in Europe and how France recorded its highest temperature (EVER) on Friday. Sure, the temperature is an irrelevant detail for me to tell you, but, like Big Data, it is very relevant for the future of humanity! Anyways, we continued the rest of the conversation from where it had ended last week.