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Decoding Corporate Structures: Unveiling Hidden Patterns with Network Science

Just hearing the words “Corporate Structure” probably puts a lot of us to sleep. It sounds like one of those boring (sorry) topics that is the bread and butter of Lawyers (sorry, again!) but like raw eggs and kale for the rest of us. But what if we told you that we could give you a different, more interesting perspective? One that could potentially open your eyes into the several ways corporate structures (and the people behind them) reveal the reasons why they are built the way they are.

Interested? Great! We’ll try and give you such a perspective using Network Science, a less well known (but powerful) part of the Data Science world.

How Our Minds Mislead Us in the Face of Probability

The world around us is too vast and unpredictable for us to fully comprehend its complexity. To try and make sense of the complexity, our minds often rely on shortcuts and heuristics to make sense of complex information. Understanding the role of probability, and how our minds can be mislead in the face of it, is crucial in making better decisions.

The ONE Variable That Can Completely Derail Your Data-Decision Efforts

Human behavior can completely derail your data modeling efforts, no matter how advanced your model or skilled your team. Understanding and accepting this unpredictability is the key to making better decisions. Learn why human behavior is the X-factor in data modeling, and how it can impact even the most sophisticated models.

From Data to Decisions (Part 3): A Retail Success Story

Welcome to the final part of our three-part blog series, “A Retail Success Story.” In the previous two posts, we delved into how we helped our partners uncover previously hidden insights in their data and the obstacles we faced along the way. Now, we’ll be discussing what the analytic process led to: the development, operationalisation and growth of a new loyalty program.

Unlocking hidden insights part 1

Unlocking Hidden Insights (Part 1) : A Retail Success Story

In this three-part blog series, we will take a deep dive into the journey of the largest coffee chain in Nepal, Himalayan Java, and show how advanced data analytics unlocked hidden insights, leading to positive business outcomes and increased financial success. Join us as we delve into this exciting case study and discover how you too can revolutionize your business operations.

Data Science

I’m Bayesed and I know it

If you’re too young to realize where the title reference comes from, I’m gonna make you lose your mind. It has something to do with parties and rocks and anthems. Actually, no, I just want you to have a good time so I’ll instead ask you to take a look at the title picture. What did you notice?

Mental Models - Behavioural Economics

Why you need Mental Models in Data Science

I am back to the usual routine: morning coffee with Python, lunch with Machine Learning and dinner with Spark. If you are expecting me to talk about either one of these topics, you should stop reading because this week I am talking about Charlie Munger.